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Mechanics 1: Position, Velocity & Acceleration — 2 Comments

  1. Had two stumbling blocks: “Notice that the formulas for velocity and acceleration are both similar to a slope…” graph for the velcoty was clear yet did not see one for acceleration to see similarity.

    the example of v=dx/dt=d(4t^2)/dt=8t…where did 4t^2 come from? maybe a picture would help?

    I hope these are the comments you are looking for, but other than that this has been GREAT so far.

    • Answers:
      (1) Acceleration would be similar to velocity. Since velocity is a straight line, the acceleration would be a single number, so I didn’t graph it.
      (2) the 4t^2 comes from the problem statement: “If we had a projectile whose motion was described by x = 4t^2 …”
      Hope this helps. YES! these are exactly the comments I’m looking for! Please tell me more about what is not clear. Thanks for the comments and the kind words.

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