Course Details

Course Includes:

  • A clearly-written, easy-to-understand text
  • Video lessons that accompany each chapter
  • Plenty of clear explanations and worked out examples
  • Homework, chapter quizzes and module exams for evaluation
  • Instructions for lab experiments that you can do at home
  • Since labs are important for colleges, we will spend time learning about data collection & analysis, statistics & proper lab reports
  • Regular live calls (Zoom) for review and live questions.
  • This is a High School course (junior or senior recommended).
  • Price: $40/month for Aug – May (10 mos). Fee is due the first of each month. No refunds. But if you decide this isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time.

What Others have said about my content

Leslie R. —
Aloha Doc Bateman,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing all this material.  I homeschool my two kids and this has been a tremendous help for me in preparing to dive into Physics.  You have taken the fear away.  Science has not been my strong suit and I have put off Physics strictly due to my trepidation haha.  Mahalo again. 
With Aloha, Leslie R.

Crystal B. —
I have to tell you that this is good. I have never taken physics while in school because I never thought I could learn it and do well at it. But, now through you, I’m learning it and reteaching it. You explain the subject so well.

I have referred you to some members of my homeschool group, but now I will send it out to the entire organization. Its great!

Usman R. —
This a great work you are doing. Your text is plain and simple. Easy to comprehend and understand.

Jennifer M. —
I am so grateful that you are making physics as fun and it should be!  A million thanks!

Savannah S., college student —
Big fan of this material!
I really like how short the lessons are. I tutor a student in physics and I use your materials to prepare tailored lesson plans for this student, and I also really like how clear the connection is between theory and calculations.

I think that one of the strengths of this textbook is how the information is presented in the text. Usually I find that physics textbooks are hard to follow and frustrating to read, but this is not the case with this text. I also personally enjoy the sequence that you are following in teaching; it makes a lot of sense and the material builds smoothly. The explanations are also quite lovely—and crystal clear.